Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our trip to St.George with Kevin's parents to see the comedian Brian Reegan

We were in Kevin's dad's plane flying over the grand canyon but we couldn't quite get a good shot of it in the background. It was really amazing to see it from a small plane due to being at a much lower altitude than a commercial jet.

Here's Kevin and I chillin with vip Brian Reegan. Kevin got this crazy idea after the show to act like we were just stage crew people and he walked right back into the vip party room. He just waltzed on in like he was supposed to be there (him and his whole family tends to be good at this sort of thing he sneaks into everything no problem). He just grabbed a soda and in the mean time I hurried out of there cause I got nervous so he had to walk out and drag me back in. There was only like 10 other people back there and Kevin just walks up to him and starts talking to him and asks for a picture with him. He put on an awesome show and he is a really nice guy we had a great trip with Kevin's parents.

Kevin and I love St. George because it reminds us of when we were dating. I performed in a show at the Tuachan theater for a summer and Kevin would fly up every weekend to visit. It's a beautiful place and brings back some great memories.

Parker and Ellie just hangin out.

Parker has gotten a lot of use out of his Woody costume he wears it all the time and can't wait for Toy Story 3 to come out.

Here is Ellie protesting her mid nap poopy diaper by rubbing it all over herself like lotion. Cleaning it up was awesome!!

Kevin's sister Ashley leaving on a mission to Australia

Monday, April 5, 2010